Shutters for properties across Northampton

Do you need a shutter for your shop? Contact Pippas Blinds Ltd. We provide professional quality shutters for properties across Northampton, Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas.

Define the character and style of your property

With Pippas Blinds Ltd, you can define the character and style of your property’s interior with bespoke window shutters. You can choose to have your shutters painted to match your colour schemeby opting to one of thousands of custom colours. Get in touch with our experts to discuss your requirements.

Easy product maintenance

From vintage charm to contemporary minimalism, shutters bring an instant shot of laid back style into your home.
Shutters are a stylish and versatile option, as they come in a range of colours and can be made to fit any size window or door.

If you live in or around Northamptonshire, give Pippas Blinds a call today.

Our product styles
  • Tier-on-tier
  • Cafe style
  • Full height
  • Tracked
  • Solid
  • Shaped shutters